February 24, 2023


SPRINGFIELD, VA (Feb. 24, 2023) – Federal Career Connection, (FCC, Inc.) presented Understanding the Federal Job Application Process for a group of students from Northern Virginia Community College this week. 

FCC Inc.'s assistant director of curriculum development, Chris Westbrook, presented the workshop to 23 NVCC students. She outlined effective principles for preparing for a federal job for career launchers, as well as talked about the benefits of a federal career to unique federal opportunities for college students.

The event was facilitated by Kimberly Blue of Career Services at the Woodbridge campus.

In addition to offering high quality academic programs, NVCC also offers career development resources, advising and special events as part of the student experience.

Encouraging the students to embrace a growth mindset, the event received robust feedback and thorough questions.

As an educational nonprofit, FCC Inc. was honored to expand an understanding of federal career opportunities for the next generation.

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James Steele
Assistant Director, Communications
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