April 27, 2022


ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, April 27, 2022 –The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued the Guide to Federal Employment for Second Chance Applicants this week, which provides helpful information about the Federal hiring process and how the rules apply to Second Chance applicants.

“The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the lead human resources agency of the Federal government, is committed to advancing these values to develop a strong Federal workforce,” stated in a Memorandum for Chief Human Capital Officers. “Fundamental to this commitment is outreach to and recruitment of formerly incarcerated individuals—because we know that qualified individuals, despite past criminal records, not only deserve a second chance, but also have much to offer the Federal government.”

The OPM guide addresses distinct scenarios that would pertain to individuals who were formerly incarcerated. For instance, the most common question for those who served time in prison is “Can I work for the Federal Government if I have a criminal record?” According to OPM … “Generally, yes.” For the most part, the federal government “employs people—including some who may have criminal records—who possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities.”

The guide addresses unique citations pertaining to those who were formerly incarcerated. It also provides a wealth of information for all job seekers on how to navigate the federal hiring process: understanding basic eligibility requirements, creating a USAJOBS account/profile, writing a resume, preparing an application, and interviewing.

All job seekers can also learn about a variety of paid internships, fellowships, and apprenticeships for individuals who seek entry level careers in public service, as well as for those seeking mid-career changes in employment. And provides a list of “Agency-Specific Internships and Fellowships.”

For more information to go: Guide to Federal Employment for Second Chance Applicants

Alex Harrington
Chair & Executive Director
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