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Thank you for your tax-deductible donation to Federal Career Connection, Inc. We are truly grateful for your support of our work to help connect agency insiders and career experts to people who are inspired to serve in public, national, or military professions.

This gift supports our efforts in providing free educational special events and online resources to equip those seeking public, national, or military careers with the latest industry related resources.

Federal Career Connect, Inc. first started with one person as a community job service that provided facilitator-led workshops and resources for job seekers, helping them enhance their individual marketability, successfully navigate the federal job search process, and build job search tools, such as resumes, cover letters, etc.

Today, we have grown to a team with over a dozen volunteers, advisors, and leaders. And we continue to advance our mission of educating people who aspire to find their occupational calling in public, national, or military service to contribute to the public good.

If you have any questions about your contribution, please email us at

Back row (Left to Right): Dr. Jacqueline Charles (Deputy Executive Director), Juliett McPhaul-Stephan (Chief of Staff), Krystle Cluen (Public Affairs Manager), Alex Harrington (Executive Director); Front row: James Steele (Asst. Director, Communications), Debbie Replogle (Social Media Manager), Chris Westbrook (Asst. Director, Curriculum Development. Other team members not pictured: Bibi Hamid (Virtual Programs Manager), Gail Robinson (Asst. Director, Virtual Programs Production), Maura Danehey (Asst. Director, Partnership Development), Wendi Berman (Web Content Manager), Ivy Oyegun (Secretary), and Malis Rasmussen (Treasurer)
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